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Who we work with

Exportmaster software has been adopted by all kinds of manufacturing businesses that have a need to efficiently manage the global exporting of their goods

All unique, but with similar issues

Our customers are from a broad range of UK manufacturing and distribution businesses. Each with their own unique requirements, Exportmaster manages their export shipments, ensuring that the correct documentation and data is easily prepared.

Industries we work in





barrels and pallets of chemicals in warehouse ready for export


Animal Feed

Alcohol & Drinks

Two engineers looking at plans


apples in a distribution centre



high tech medical equipment that we regularly help export

Medical Equipment

And many more…

Common export challenges

We hear time and time again; the challenges faced by companies and why they choose Exportmaster to improve their export operations.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Customer complaints

Receiving customer complaints related to delays and charges, due to problems with paperwork.

Not able to manage the export workload

The number of international shipments has increased and your export team are struggling to cope with the volume of work.

ERP can’t provide what the export team needs

The ERP system cannot meet the specific processing and documentation requirements of your export team. Or it will take a lot of time and considerable investment to achieve what Exportmaster can already deliver.

Struggling to manage all ‘Work-In-Progress’

Juggling simultaneous export shipments, it is not easy to see who has done what and what still needs to be done.

Pack List preparation is complicated

Calculating accurate weights and dimensions, detailing batch codes and date of manufacture/best before dates. Needing to breakdown the shipment by pallet and container, all contributes to the complexity. Your team needs an easy-to-use mechanism for applying the final, often manually prepared warehouse packing detail.

Customs data preparation

Generating accurate data for customs declarations needs to be automated as it’s time consuming and difficult to administer.

Hazardous Goods

DGN production needs to made easier, detailing hazard information for each container/pallet. Not all the required hazard data is available from the ERP system.


If you are having to deal with challenges like these, and would prefer not to, get in touch.

To discuss your needs or arrange a demo of our software, call us on 020 4532 3445

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