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Support & Maintenance

Our software support and maintenance ensures Exportmaster continues to deliver for your business.

Support services

We want your export management team to get the most from Exportmaster, so if they are unsure of something, or need help with any aspect of the software, they can contact us.
We will work with them to resolve any questions or issues.


Product updates and upgrades for your software are made available via our secure customer download portal.

Additional support

There may be times when your needs fall outside the parameters of the support and maintenance agreement. Should this happen, we can offer additional consultancy services.

This could include:

  • Training new staff on how to use the software
  • Designing new documents or forms to meet ever changing business needs
  • Bespoke programming to fulfil specific needs

Software packages

Exportmaster offers two standard packages – SHIPshape and TOPS.


The best results come from understanding your business needs and optimising the way you work.

To discuss your needs or arrange a demo of our software, call us on 020 4532 3445

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