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ADM Protexin

Unlocking the power of nature to enrich the quality of life. Natural supplements for humans and animals supported by effective science

The client

ADM Protexin manufactures the highest quality natural healthcare and probiotic supplements for humans and animals. They understand that too much refining of natural elements can reduce their effectiveness. That’s why all products that carry the ADM Protexin name are developed under their guiding philosophy – science and nature in balance.

Their Issue

ADM Protexin was experiencing delays and other issues both prior to dispatch and during shipments. They were looking for a one-stop-shop solution for generating clear and complete documentation to accompany their export shipments, to reduce the delays and reduce the issues faced.

What was done

Working closely with the ADM Protexin IT and Export teams, we established an import of international sales order data from their ERP system.  Exportmaster automatically allocates the appropriate processing workflow, to ensure that the Export team are presented with a checklist of the necessary actions required to efficiently manage the preparation and production of final shipment documentation of each export shipment.

The Results

ADM Protexin is shipping to 130 countries, moving approx 900 shipments each year with very few delays and no customs issues. They have a smooth export process.

“We chose Exportmaster because they met all our needs, with a system that works seamlessly with our ERP system. The software is very easy to use and very reliable in terms of providing complete and compliant documentation.
We have always received excellent customer service from Exportmaster. Whenever we have had an issue, or our other software systems have changed, there has been rapid and comprehensive support to resolve the situation and ensure that our export process can continue smoothly.”

Kim Perrott, Customer Service and Logistics Manager

Functionality Used

Custom Workflows

Order Interface

Email Templates

Document Archiving

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